Unlike most staffing and recruitment firms, we believe in business partnership. We’re not consultants but rather fully integrated guides who are passionately committed to service excellence and engineering exceptional human capital solutions.


The right people

Employer Branding: Brands are meaningful, whether it’s an external brand or an internal brand.  The companies with the strongest brands have the power to connect with, and attract loyal customers and candidates who fit their culture.

The key to creating a powerful internal or employment brand is discovering what makes your company unique.  We use proprietary cultural assessments to dig into the soul of your organization and define your authentic brand.  Then we translate insights we’ve uncovered into creative communications that help attract talented people who will thrive in your culture and retain top performers who shape it.

Our web design and development experts ensure that your unique culture is clearly and creatively expressed through your organization’s career site and external facing media.  It’s the perfect way to connect with candidates who are the right fit and provide them insight into your culture before they enter the application process.


Quality talent

Direct Hire:  As your business grows and changes, your hiring needs will likely change too.  You may experience times when your hiring needs fluctuate
dramatically for a few weeks, a few months, or even longer.  Our direct hire solution is an ideal solution that offers your company a quick-hitting solution to hire
candidates swiftly, efficiently and effectively.  We use various methods of sourcing from active to passive to hidden candidates.

RPO: Our model can easily can fulfill large-scale recruiting mandates; meet specific and particular recruitment needs; provide a proven way to attract the best talent through a critical sourcing and selection process; improve quality of hire; and enable huge cost savings on 3rd party recruitment costs.

Applicant Tracking System:  Our applicant tracking system delivers a proven
solution that enables many of the world’s largest and most successful organizations to attract, engage and hire top talent.  Our on-demand global recruiting solution is highly configurable, scalable and offers unparalleled flexibility and extensive language support, allowing organizations to find, hire and retain the best person for each position.  Our applicant tracking system enables your organization to engage candidates and collaborate with recruiters and managers through award-winning mobile and social technologies.

Online Recruitment:  For clients who want to do their own recruitment, we provide you with access to the same recruiting tools we use to find your own candidates through our job board www.armadacareers.com.  Armada Careers is the perfect platform for you to begin your search.


Your team

Onboard:  First impressions count!  Your recruitment and onboarding processes strongly affect your employees’ personal investment and level of discretionary effort that carries through their career with your company.  Our onboarding experience empowers you to provide a rich, meaningful, and personalized experience to your people starting in new positions.  Onboarding, also known as organizational
socialization, refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders

Employee Engagement Survey: The first step in moving an organization forward is getting an accurate measurement of employee engagement – understanding manageable factors that cause your people to work harder, stay longer and care more.

Performance Management:  Maximizing performance management is all about aligning, developing, guiding, recognizing, rewarding, and engaging employees.  It facilitates the effective delivery of strategic and operational goals.

Our 96% client retention rate proves that we deliver what we promise, consistently providing value to organizations. Our methodology is highly customized to align with different organizations and markets