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We would love to work with you to make your next career move! 

We deliver integrated recruitment solutions that can scale with you!

Our goal is to deliver better business results, not just better talent.

Armada is evolving recruitment and the technology that supports this process as we know it.  We deliver solutions that ensure you can fairly and efficiently attract and hire the talent you need to deliver your business objectives today and in the future.

What We Do...

How we do it...

We first interview your team to gain a deep understanding of your needs. Our dedicated search team then posts your role and start actively promoting your role.

We organize and launch your search.

Your role is shown to thousands of potential candidates via our talent pool, targeted networks from our partner organizations and networks, and industry insiders who love sharing jobs.

Reach qualified professionals through sources they trust.

Our team personally handles all candidate communication through the search process, including early-stage screening and interviews, based on your unique requirements.

Let us take care of  the applications.

We know you're busy.  That's why we make sure you only spend time with finalist candidates - so you can have peace of mind and make the final decision with confidence.

Meet the finalists and pick your favorite.





Why partner with us for your next hire?

We leverage technology but rely on human insight.  Through our experience and research, we understand recruiting trends and nuances.


Qualified Candidates


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Our recruiting edge is our pipeline of vetted talent, continent wide.

More than 500 leading organizations have hired 

with us.  

Our intuition is built on 4,000+ interviews and 70+ senior level placements.

We could've predicted that Eve would eat the apply.  Find out how.


Engage candidates with personalized career discussions with Candidate Assistant.

Candidate Assistant


Some of our other Recruiting Solutions...

You need all the help you can get to find, attract & secure the best talent.  We offer end-to-end solutions for companies of every size. Can't find what you need?  We can tailor make a recruiting solution for you.

Fully customizable recruiting software for all organizations.

A few of the brands we've worked with....

We work with our clients as business partners.  We are totally engaged in our business partners unique needs - and work with them hand in hand.

We know that people are your most important asset, and we know the impact they have on your company's bottom line.  So we take recruiting seriously - and we do it quickly, saving you time and money.

We are recruiters with a fresh perspective!

About Armada

Our goal is to deliver better business results, not just better talent. Service excellence is not only a requirement at Armada Human Capital, it is in our genetic makeup. 

We want to be the leading African provider of advanced global talent management solutions. To do this, we harness our fresh energy and talent, by delivering exceptional, cost effective solutions to our partners, through our dedicated team of seasoned experts with a passion for effective business results through advanced talent management solutions.

We are relentlessly focused on talent acquisition. We are evolving recruitment and the technology that supports this process, as we know it. We listen, and we partner with our  clients to transform the way they attract, hire and on-board talent.

We can’t wait to partner with you, and take your business beyond horizons!

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